World Championships 2023

Congratulations to the Albertan athletes that represented Canada this month at the World Championships in Milan, Italy! We are incredibly proud of all of their hard work! 
  • Eleanor Harvey: 17th (Individual Women’s Foil)
  • Sabrina Fang: 44th (Individual Women’s Foil)
  • Marissa Ponich: 80th (Individual Women’s Sabre)
  • Madison Thurgood: 97th (Individual Women’s Sabre)
  • Eleanor Harvey: 8th (Women’s Foil Team)
  • Sabrina Fang: 8th (Women’s Foil Team)
  • Marissa Ponich: 17th (Women’s Sabre Team)
  • Madison Thurgood: 17th (Women’s Sabre Team)

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