Welcome to Another Fencing Season

Registration for the 2020/2021 Season is now open. To get your membership, please click here. To see what benefits your membership brings, please visit the Athlete and Fitness Resources Page.

Although COVID-19 has thrown us a bit of a curve ball heading into the season, we have plenty of exciting changes that will be implemented in the next several months. These will be communicated to the clubs and membership via the monthly newsletter. New clinics, camp opportunities, athlete grants, are some of the new offerings being discussed.

Once competition is allowed back, bringing a new Provincial Ranking system and tournament restructure will create exciting and meaningful competition for all levels of fencers once again! More fencing, more competition, more awards!

*Due to the current restrictions, there are no tournaments currently planned for the 2020 season, but we are hoping that 2021 brings us better news and we can host a few competitions. Until then, clubs will be open following the Return to Play Guidelines to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone involved.

Visit the September 2020 AFA Newsletter for more information on the upcoming season!

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