Why Become a Certified Tournament Organizer?

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Basic registration to becoming an AFA Registered Tournament Host/Organizer

The Introductory Tournament Organizing clinics are broken down into three sections with each section being 1 hour long. No written tests will occur but participants who attend the courses will be eligible to be evaluated at future fencing tournaments for progression in the AFA’s newly created Secretariat Group. Please make sure that you have adequately prepared by going through the FIE’s Organizational Rule Bookhttps://fie.org/fie/documents/rules

The Introductory Tournament Organizing Clinics will provide you with a broad understanding of what it takes to organize a fencing tournament and a practical understanding of the processes and software used to run a fencing tournament.

Attending the Introductory Tournament Organizing Clinics is a prerequisite for progressing to the higher ranks of the newly created Secretariat Group.  The goal of the AFA’s Secretariat Group is to create certified Tournament Organizers.

Tournament Organizer Resources