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Event Sanctioning Information

The Alberta Fencing Association (AFA) is the Provincial governing body for fencing and is mandated by the Government of Alberta to represent all aspects of the Sport of Fencing in Alberta. As such, the AFA has been given the responsibility of ensuring that people engaged in activities related to fencing are able to do so in a safe and appropriate environment. Sanctions are a key component in demonstrating best practices to all parties involved. Participants can expect a particular level of safety and quality; while our Insurance companies can be assured that best practices are being followed by AFA Member Clubs and that AFA athletes only participate in activities sanctioned by the AFA.


Sanctioning also provides a mechanism for accurate data collection. Accurate reporting of fencing related activities is important, as the number of participants and activities reported by the AFA is directly related to the levels of funding we receive from various government and granting bodies. Participation levels are key to our continued participation in multisport competitions such as the Canada and Alberta Games.


The AFA shall take responsibility for partnering with local clubs to host sanctioned tournaments. The AFA shall take responsibility for the booking of facilities/venues for sanctioned events and where possible, book those facilities multiple concurrent years in advance in order to negotiate better prices and consistent event dates. The AFA does not allocate tournaments to specific clubs but takes joint ownership of them with the host club(s) excepting provincials, which the AFA takes sole ownership of. The AFA dispenses all tournament registration income to clubs only after tournament results and officiating records have been forwarded to the AFA office. Individual clubs are responsible for registration refunds


Sanctioned Tournaments Definition: tournaments that are administered and organized within the jurisdiction of the AFA in partnership with host clubs (when/where applicable). Participation in any sanctioned tournament has the potential for athletes to earn points towards their provincial and national rankings. Developmental events can take place at sanctioned tournaments (see Section 4.1.1). An AFA membership is required to participate in these events.


In order for a tournament to be considered for sanctioning, it must:

  • Complete the sanctioning form; 
  • Adhere to all relevant policies as stated in the Alberta Fencing Association policy and procedure manual.
  • Submit all required sanctioning documents prior to the deadlines for submission. These must be finalized and approved by the AFA 30 days prior to the event.

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