Membership Dues

*** Participant Membership Required (at minimum) ***

  • All club members that participate in any fencing activities (sanctioned or non-sanctioned) through an affiliated AFA club must at minimum have a Participant Membership.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have purchased this membership or have your club register you on your behalf.
  • Memberships are required for any trials, club programs, training in-club, as well as, competition at local, regional, provincial, and/or national competitions.

**Registration is valid on an annual basis for the full fencing season,
September 1st - August 31st.

You must renew your AFA membership/CFF License each year.

Please refer to each membership type below to determine which membership you require or visit the FAQ section below if you have any questions.

New AFA Members
  • If you are a new member, fill out the form HERE, as necessary.
  • Please read A Fencing Parent’s Primer – created by Brad, Jean and Alanna Goldie
    How to survive and thrive as a fencing parent in Canada
    This guide contains tips and advice on everything that you need to know as a parent of a fencer.
Returning AFA Members

Please select ONLY ONE of the following Athlete Memberships: Competitive or Associate. Athletes who hold a Competitive or Associate Membership who also wish to perform coaching or officiating roles can do so without further membership from the AFA. For those with multiple roles in the community, please purchase the Participant or the most relevant membership category.


CFF License Numbers should remain the same – this will not show up during the renewal process, but should be on the Membership Card received by members after successfully renewing their license.  If that is not the case, please contact the AFA immediately.


Once you have purchased your CFF license number, please use this page to look up your membership number should you need to.

Membership Types

Who this is for?

This level is for the serious athlete who is competing for ranking points and training to achieve excellence in the sport.


  • Long Term Athlete Development stages Learn to Train (Yellow) Train to Train (Green/Blue) Train to Compete (Red)
  • Insurance ($5,000,000 third person liability) and registration for individuals
  • CFF license included
  • Eligible for inclusion in the National Rankings
  • Entry into all sanctioned and non-sanctioned competitions held in Canada and USA
  • International competitions. (May need additional FIE license for some Levels)
  • Eligible for funding (eg. Athlete Development Program, referee and coaching development)
  • Eligible for training programs/camps
  • Access to discounts with our partners which can be found on the Athlete and Fitness Resources page

Please note that you are required to purchase a membership at least 72 hours prior to a competition. You are advised to bring a paper or digital copy of your receipt to all competitions in case you are asked to verify your membership status.

Who this is for?

This level is for club based programs only (Training and club programming). It is for those who are new to fencing or do not want to compete. They are NOT eligible to access competitions. Categorized as recreational members. You MUST have an Associate membership at a minimum if joining a fencing club.


  • In club training including non-sanctioned training events (Clinics, camps, or events in other venues)
  • Does not include registration in the National Instructional Program (Armband)
  • Does not include ranked competitions, AFA programs (eg. Winter Games, funding etc.)
  • Can include volunteers and service providers
  • Insurance ($5,000,000 third person liability)
  • Access to discounts with our partners which can be found on the Athlete and Fitness Resources page

NOTE: Associate CFF members may upgrade to Competitive licence by logging in to their CFF profile page.

$5.00 (CFF License not included)

Who this is for?

This level is for those who participate in club practices, club outreach/community programs, compete in no tournaments, and in no AFA courses or clinics. Any person who possesses this level of membership can upgrade at any time to a higher level of membership during the fencing season. This level of membership is also open to any family members and volunteers who wish to support the Association. 

All executive members of clubs or the AFA must have at least this level of membership.


  • Access and Introduction to the sport of fencing.
  • Trial membership and low entry cost to prior to committing to the sport and a club.

NOTE: Participant members may upgrade to an Associate or Competitive licence by going here.

Armoury, Referee, Secretariat, Veterans, Coach

$15.00 add-on (CFF)

The Additional Licences section pertains to CFF fees aimed at supporting Coaches and Officials at the National level, and is not required for AFA membership, although it does help our records tremendously.

To register for an additional license membership, please click here.

To check for your CFF license number, please click here.

Ranking Linked to License Number

Please NoteYour ranking is linked with your license number. This means that if you already have a license, and you register under a new license number, you will lose all your previous ranking points. If you wish to correct the error after registering under an incorrect license number, there may be fees payable to the CFF.


Visit for more information.

Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

I am a coach (official) but also a competitive athlete. Do I need to register twice?

No. Your Competitive Membership will cover both. Please be sure to indicate that you coach or officiate even if you are not certified. This helps keep our records accurate.

Do I get a new CFF number every year?

NO!! A CFF number will be issued to you when you initially register for your license. You will keep this number for subsequent years. Use the same name version on your membership application and renewals as you use for all competition registrations and communication to the AFA and CFF. Using different variations could lead to the issuing of double CFF numbers which will be problematic for ranking. If you can’t remember which name you used, you can check your information here or email:

I am a volunteer at my club and help out occasionally. Why do I need a membership?

Membership in the AFA shows a commitment and appreciation for a sport that gives us so much. It boosts our numbers to help us become eligible for increased grant money and makes us more attractive to sponsors. This is a way you can help the general fencing community as well as your club. Thank you for everything you do for fencing!

Where does my membership money go?

We depend on membership dollars to educate coaches and referees, plan programs, fund athlete programs and do the work of the organization. The Alberta Government is currently recognizing the importance of sport by increasing availability of funds but the amount of money granted depends heavily on membership numbers. Most programs are subsidized by membership dollars.

I just want to participate in club events. What membership do I need?

If you are just starting out, you will be fine with the Associate membership. If you are ready to compete outside of your club, you will need the Competitive membership. Please see the information provided above on the benefits of upgrading your membership.

What is my CFF License Number?

Use this form to find your CFF license number.

I am just starting to compete. What membership do I need and/or what if I don't like it?

If you are looking at attending a trial session to try the sport, a Participant membership gets you access to the wonderful world of fencing. If you are looking at joining a club beyond the trial program, you will be fine with the Associate membership. If you are ready to compete outside of your club, you will need the Competitive membership.


There are many opportunities to compete at club competitions. These are informal, relaxed ways to get used to competition formats. If you enjoy this level, you can upgrade your Associate membership to Competitive and participate in some more formal competitions. If you don’t like competition after trying it out, it is perfectly acceptable to fence in your club, have fun, and enjoy the activity with your friends. Fencing is truly a lifelong sport. There are folks still fencing into their eighties and nineties.