Board of Directors

Executive DirectorSean Rathwell
President: Richard Bezemer
Vice President: David Cymbaluk
Director: Boris Bojanov
Director: Orlin Bojanov
Director: Kayla Brehon
Director: Katie Du
Director: Andrei Filonov
Director: Grace Kan
Director: Svetoslav Marinov
Director: Michelle Ostrikoff
Director: William Sacuta
Director: Mark Samuel
Director: Alex Wong

Policies & Bylaws

Our Committees


Oversees the stock levels, maintenance and distribution of the AFA’s equipment. This committee is also responsible for the development of armourers province-wide.

Committee Members: Coming Soon

Athlete Development

Advocates for the best interests of fencers who wish to participate in development opportunities provided through training camps, work shops, tournaments and other such events. Also, responsible for the integration of the LTAD program within the community.

Committee Members: Coming Soon


Considers financial issues affecting the AFA and strives to position the organization for sustainable growth while maintaining a favourable financial standing.

Committee Members: Coming Soon


Oversees any marketing initiatives taken by the AFA.

Committee Members: Coming Soon

Policy & Bylaw

Reviews existing policies, researches similar policies from other sources and, if beneficial, recommends and implements changes. As policies affect all stakeholder groups, internal and external, appropriate policies are essential for the efficiency of all operations and communications.

Committee Members: Coming Soon


Responsible for developing Tournament Operations Manual and guidelines for individuals interested in progressing as event organizers.

Committee Members: Coming Soon

Technical and Coaching

Responsible for recruitment, development, certification, and retention of coaches and officials province-wide.

Committee Members: Coming Soon


Represents the collective interests and voice of Alberta’s veteran fencing community while also promoting fun, life-long participation and celebration of the achievements of veteran athletes in training and competition.

Committee Members: Coming Soon