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Why Try Fencing?

Fencing is a sport of skill, speed and finesse in which there is little advantage in brute strength. Control of movement and quick thinking can overcome, to a great extent, lack of height, reach, or strength that would be a severe handicap in many other sports. It is for these reasons that members of both sexes can fence together on far more equal terms than is possible in most sports. It can be enjoyed by people of any age, and offers a multitude of benefits. Fencing is both a physical and a mental workout, in which fencers learn to hone their strategies against opponents of varying skill levels, and build up physical endurance, agility, and accuracy. Confidence and sportsmanship are gained through participation in fencing and extend throughout other areas of life. You can begin fencing as a youth or an adult – for fun, for fitness, or to train to compete. Best of all are the friends you’ll make.

Fencing Weapons

Read about the fencing weapons, armour and safety guidelines.

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